Simulations Create a Winning Supply Chain

Gonzalo Florez-Giraldo is working on his degree in global supply chain management and logistics at Houston Community College. A degree in supply chain management opens up a lot of opportunities, because Houston is a hub of commerce with its busy seaport and its location at the center of a transportation network serving much of the Southeastern and Midwestern United States and parts of Mexico.

Using supply chain simulations Gonzalo won first place in an internal contest at Houston Community College, and went on to represent the college in a city-wide contest titled “Houston Logistics Talent Show 2016’, organized by the CSCMP Houston Roundtable (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals). The contest was an opportunity for innovative and entrepreneurial students at colleges and universities in the Houston area to present their ideas and show how they could improve supply chain operations.

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SCM Globe Wins Entrepreneurship Contest at MODSIM World

MODSIM World is dedicated to promoting cooperation among academia, industry and government for applying modeling and simulation technologies to help organizations anticipate and prepare for the future. Governor Terry McAuliffe of the state of Virginia gave the keynote address to open the conference which was held in Virginia Beach. He spoke about his plans for developing business and economic opportunities in Virginia, and the role that modeling and simulation plays in exploring possibilities and making those plans a reality.

In the second annual entrepreneurship competition at MODSIM World (, Michael Hugos made the presentation for SCM Globe. We were selected from a field of contestants by judges and conference attendees as the winner. Contestants were judged on considerations ranging from “the cool factor” to ease of use, affordability, and potential for making a significant impact and positive contribution to how work and training is done in a given profession or industry.

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A Multiplayer Online Game of Supply Chain Management

Let’s investigate a high-level conceptual design for applying game mechanics to coordinate the actions of a network of separate companies that all do business together. These companies are manufacturers, logistics providers, distributors, and retailers, and they are all members of a common supply chain. Continue reading

Key Supply Chain Practices from Wal-Mart

Sam Walton decided to build a company that would serve a mass market and compete on the basis of price.  He did this by creating one of the world’s most efficient supply chains.  The structure and operations of this company have been defined by the need to lower its costs and increase its productivity so that it could pass these savings on to its customers in the form of lower prices. Continue reading

Supply Chain Design and Simulation Made Easy

In SCM Globe, supply chains are created by comginations of the four supply chain entities – Products, Facilities, Vehicles, Routes. So to build a model of any supply chain involves defining the characteristics of these four entities and then combining them to create supply chain you are modeling. Continue reading

SCM Globe Simulation Concepts

As the saying goes, “It’s not what you know, but what you can remember when you need it.” Since there is an infinite amount of detail in any situation, the trick is to find useful models that capture the salient facts and provide a framework to organize the rest of the relevant details.

SCM Globe is a way to model the salient facts of any supply chain anywhere in the world. Continue reading