Supply Chain Simulation in 6 Easy Steps

Simulations are a great way to learn about and teach about how supply chains work. What used to be so complicated only a small group of experts could understand, is now accessible to  anyone wishing to use simulations to analyze supply chain operations and explore different possibilities – SCM Globe.

Model and simulate supply chains anywhere in the world. Pick from our library of case studies or create your own models and simulations. Here’s an example of a supply chain simulation from one of our case studies:

Combine Simulations with Lectures and Readings to Increase Student Engagement!

  • We provide instructors with a complete package: course syllabus examples for beginning and advanced courses; teaching notes; and study guides.
  • Combine that with our personal online training, and you will be up to speed in a few hours and ready to go. Watch your student engagement levels soar!
  • Contact us ( to schedule a 45 minute web demo at a convenient time. You receive 30 days free access after the web demo to explore further on your own.

Complete Package for SC Learning3


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