Multiplayer Serious Supply Chain Game

Business is a multiplayer game between the supply chains of competing companies. Companies use their supply chains to lower operating expenses, offer more services and appeal to more and more customers. The competing supply chains of Walmart and Amazon are a case in point.

Use this multiplayer game not to merely entertain, but also to engage students, and teach real supply chain strategies and skills. SCM Globe is a serious supply chain game. It uses real world data, accurate simulations, and a map of the world as the game board.

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The power of this game lies in its realism and the accuracy of the simulations 

There are two kinds of games:

  1. games designed for having fun – entertainment games
  2. games designed for learning real-world skills – serious games

Entertainment games are about having fun, not about learning real-world skills. And as a result, game design techniques used for entertainment games and for serious games differ in significant ways.

In serious games the use of realistic data and accurate supply chain simulations enables skills developed in playing the game to be directly transferable for use in the real world (otherwise games become nearly pointless as an educational or training exercise).

Imagine You Manage This Supply Chain…

GOAL: Keep stores supplied with products while also reducing inventory and operating costs. There are many ways to do it, just as there are in the real world:

  • change production rates
  • try different vehicles, schedules, and delivery routes
  • move facility locations… some ideas work better than others

Simulate your ideas and see where they lead. Simulations produce data to create monthly Income and Expense Reports plus key performance indicators. The numbers show which ideas deliver the best results – and which players win.

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See more about how this game works in our blog post “A Multiplayer Supply Chain Game – Overview

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Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

“SCM Globe simulations are critical to integrating the various content elements of my “Managing Business Operations” class and is very popular as a learning tool for the students. Semester after semester, class evaluations cite the popularity and practicality of the simulations. They have become a recruitment tool for the course.”

Samuel Sacco
Lecturer, Program Coordinator
Salve Regina University, Newport, RI

The combination of realistic supply chain modeling and accurate simulations makes this game a powerful learning experience (also explained in a previous article “Four Reasons to Use Simulations for Supply Chain Learning“). Students design their supply chains, run simulations, and get immediate feedback on how their supply chains work and where performance problems occur. They make improvements right away and try again. This process of learning by doling is critical for developing skills in any field.

This is why the use of realistic data and accurate models in educational simulations (or serious games) is so important; it enables skills developed in those simulations to be transferable for use in the real world.


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