Group Administrator – Professor Supply Chains

You do not need to use this feature unless you administer a group of people who use unique case studies not found in the SCM Globe library

NOTE: This feature is currently not active. 

On your “My Account” page there is a box to the right labeled “Profile URL”. Distribute the URL inside the box to the members of your group so they can subscribe to your profile. You can also view what your profile will look like to your group members by clicking “View Your Public Profile”.

Publish your supply chain models for your group to access:

  • Professors can publish their own unique supply chain case studies and their students can download and work on them.
  • Supply chain analysts can publish supply chain models of actual or proposed company supply chains and others in their company can download and review them.

Your profile will display all the “Save States” you have checked under the Public column.

This is how your supply chain will look to people who subscribe:

Update the supply chains you made public to your group by deleting the previous save state and creating a new one with the new changes to the supply chain model.


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