Video Tutorials – Quick Start

Watch the three videos below, and be sure to check out the 7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In SCM Globe all supply chains are combinations of just four entities: 

Access this Online User Guide by clicking “Help” button in upper right corner of any screen in SCM Globe application ]

1. Introduction to SCM Globe – Creating a Supply Chain from Scratch.

2. Modeling and Simulating Supply Chain Operations

3. Improving your Supply Chain Design based on Simulation Results

AVOID CONFUSION AND PROBLEMS — Check out the 7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

To load a case study from the SCM Globe library, click on the “View Library” button (1) in the upper right corner of your Account Management screen shown below. It will take you to the online library of case studies as shown in the second screen below.

Acct Scr1 (click on screenshot for larger image)

In the library of case studies follow these steps:

  • (2) Click on “Import” button next to the case study you want
  • A dialog box opens and you type in the name you will use for this case study model. Click “Save” in the dialog box.
  • (3) Click “My Account” button in upper right corner of the screen to return to your account screen
  • On your account screen, click the “Edit” button next to the supply chain you want to edit. The edit screen will open and your supply chain will be drawn on the map.

SAVE BACKUP COPIES of your supply chain model from time to time as you make changes. Then if a change doesn’t work out, you can restore from a saved copy.

NOTE: The academic version of SCM Globe supports supply chain models containing up to 15 – 20 products and a similar number of facilities, vehicles and routes. Models exceeding these limits will run slowly and experience other problems. See “Tips for Building Supply Chain Models” for ways to work with these limits and other useful ideas.

Student accounts are for 90 days from the date of purchase, but if your semester is a few weeks longer, then send an email to: State your name, the email address you used to register, your school, and your semester end date. We can extend your account to cover your entire semester.

Now see next quick start tutorial — “Create New Supply Chain from Scratch

Access this Online User Guide by clicking “Help” button in upper right corner of any screen in SCM Globe application ]


SCM Globe Webinar – Q&A Session

Watch this video only if you need more information. It is an hour long recording of an online Q&A session with a group of students. It further explains material already presented in the short videos above.

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