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A lively conversation in the spring of 2011 led to the founding of SCM Globe. We saw how supply chain operations modeling, agile software development, and user interface design based on ideas from massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) could be combined to create a supply chain simulation and collaboration platform nobody had seen before.

We rolled out our first version in the fall of 2011 and learned there was an immediate opportunity in working with academic and training organizations that want to use simulations to attract and engage students. Then we began working with supply chain professionals who want to model, simulate and improve real supply chains. The features and user interface of SCM Globe have been continuously enhanced and upgraded since then based on feedback from instructors, students, and supply chain professionals around the world who use our application.

In the last few years we’ve seen needs in disaster response and humanitarian operations that SCM Globe can meet. Demands on organizations in this area will continue to grow, and present technology and ways of operating will not keep up. Our technology and supply chain planning procedures offer the opportunity to transform the essential operations used for delivering aid and helping people rebuild after disasters have passed.

To learn more, we can schedule a 45 minute web demo. Tell us about your plans, and we’ll show you how SCM Globe could help.

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MICHAEL HUGOS – I’m an author, speaker and co-founder at SCM Globe. My focus is in supply chains, business intelligence, and simulations. Earlier I spent six years as CIO of a national distribution organization where I developed a suite of supply chain and e-business systems that transformed the company’s operations and revenue model. For this work I won the CIO 100 Award, the InformationWeek 500 Award, and the Computerworld Premier 100 Award for career achievement. I have worked with clients such as Starbucks Coffee Company, Microsoft Xbox Group, and the U.S. Navy Medical Logistics Command. reports my book Essentials of Supply Chain Management as the best selling supply chain book worldwide since 2004 (available in English, Chinese and five other languages)

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STEVE KOJI – I’m co-founder and chief operating officer at SCM Globe. I have extensive experience in financial analysis and strategic planning in business support services and supply chain operations. I use my skills in project management to coordinate SCM Globe operations and oversee work in remote locations which gives me current insights into the evolving structure of global supply chains. In prior management positions I was the executive in charge of developing and implementing standardized policies and operating procedures at two financial services companies to support company expansion by opening new facilities, improving efficiency and generating cost reductions.

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