SCM Globe Pricing

Pricing for Academic and Business Versions

SCM GLOBE is utilized around the world by universities and training programs to bridge the gap between theory and reality. Our simulations engage students and teach critical problem solving skills. Skills and insights learned from working with SCM Globe simulations are directly applicable to solving similar problems in real supply chains.

Student subscriptions to SCM Globe cost less than half the price of many textbooks. We can fit the budget of almost any educational or training organization. Instructor accounts are at no charge. We have discounts on volume purchases, and for organizations that need additional assistance we have a special supply chain learners program.

Contact us at to discuss your needs and the number of students in your classes.

SCM GLOBE is cloud-based – there is no software to download or install.

  • We adjust student subscription periods to fit the length of your semester.
  • Included with academic subscriptions is use of all the case studies in the online library, online videos and tutorials for students, personal online training for instructors, plus extensive offline material for instructors such as Instructor Manual with course syllabus examples, and step-by-step study guides for popular case studies.

For evaluation accounts – contact us at – or fill out request form here – free evaluation account

SCM GLOBE PRO for business is used by companies to model and simulate their own supply chains and explore options for improvement and expansion. SCM Globe Pro costs $295 per seat and comes with six months access plus one hour of online training and consulting time. Purchase more consulting time as you need it. We help you come up to speed quickly.

  • Accurately model and simulate real supply chains — identify points of risk and areas for improvement. Learn how to create models of your company’s actual supply chains (see example here – Java Furniture Company)
  • See how different supply chain designs perform — simulations generate financial data and data on operating KPIs. Explore different supply chain options for cost reduction, business expansion, and risk management
  • Energize and focus your S&OP activities — easily reconcile supply plans with demand plans by using simulations to find where supply and demand mismatches occur. Then simulations help you explore how to address and reconcile those problems
  • Involve teams of stakeholders — people from operations, finance, procurement, and sales can all see and quickly understand the pros and cons of different supply chain options

CONSULTING AND TRAINING SERVICES  are available through us and our consulting partners. We provide a package of services to meet the specific needs of your situation. Hourly or project oriented packages are tailored to fit your needs: See information about specific services here.

Academic services include:

  • Onsite or extended online training for instructors
  • Development of unique case studies
  • Customized instructor manuals
  • Course syllabus creation and development of educational material tailored to your curriculum

Business services include:

  • Modeling and simulating real supply chains (yours or a competitor’s)
  • Training business analysts and supply chain planners in modeling and simulation techniques
  • Collaborative planning and risk management projects where we serve as moderators and provide structure and expertise to the project
  • Online hosting of geographically dispersed audiences participating in training exercises using SCM Globe
  • Online moderation and guidance for companies using SCM Globe in projects involving strategy formulation, supply chain improvement, business continuity / risk management, and S&OP activities.



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