4 Supply Chain Entities: 1. PRODUCTS –>  2. Facilities –>  3. Vehicles –>  4. Routes

PRODUCTS are the first entity in your supply chain. Supply chains exist to move products. Products are assigned to Facilities where they are made, stored, consumed or sold. And they are assigned to Routes that move them from one facility to another.

Define products at the pallet or shipping container level, not at the individual item level. For instance, if you define a product such as bottles of herbal tea, you would define the product as a pallet load of herbal tea or a shipping container load. You would not type in product data about an individual bottle of tea.

Create a new product by clicking on “Products” in the menu on the right side of the screen (1) as shown below, and then click the “New” button (2).

(click on screen image for bigger picture)1-2ax Creating Products

A dialog box (3) for products opens up. Enter required data and click “Update” (4) when finished:

Name: Character String
Price: can be up to 2 decimal places, can be any unit of currency even though dollar symbol is displayed
Weight: Number of kilograms, can be up to 2 decimal places
Size: In cubic meters, can be up to 2 decimal places.

You can come back and edit these product specifications at anytime. But be careful when you do because it will have an impact on facilities, vehicles and routes in the supply chain!

When a product gets bigger or heavier it can cause problems at facilities where there is no longer enough storage space to accommodate the products on-hand. It can also cause problems on routes where vehicles on those routes cannot accommodate the new sizes and/or weights of products. When you change specifications for products you may also have to change specifications for facilities, vehicles and routes that are related to those products.

Change an existing product by highlighting that product in the list of products in the Products menu and then click the “Edit” button (next to the “New” button).

Remove a product by highlighting that product in the list of products in the Products menu and then click the “Remove” button (next to the “Edit” button).

Always click the “Update” button in the product dialog box after editing product data or changes made will not be saved.


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