A Supply Chain “Immune System”​

A supply chain is an organization composed of many different individual companies that each have their own businesses yet all work together to make and deliver products to different markets and customers. It’s one thing to talk about securing the operations of a single company, but what about a whole group of companies? How do we provide security – both cyber and physical – to a whole supply chain?

Supply Chain Sim Pic2

At dinner the other night my friend Wyly Wade and his wife Ka Murali and I got to talking and we thought maybe the human immune system would be a good model to use for protecting supply chains because the human body is an organization of many different individual cells, and the immune system protects all the different cells in our body. Maybe we could use that model to discuss how a supply chain immune system would work. We researched the idea and added more detail. We thought about ancient supply chains and modern supply chains. Immune systems seem to be a good way to discuss supply chain security… the idea is posted on Wyly’s cyber-security company website, Biometrica https://biometrica.com/why-supply-chain-immune-systems-are-needed-to-be-secure-in-the-virtual-world-and-the-physical