SIMULATE Supply Chains

1. MY ACCOUNT screen –>  2. EDIT screen –> 3. SIMULATION screen

This screen is where you run simulations of the supply chain you created.In the EDIT screen. There is a sidebar on the right side of this screen (think of it as a heads-up display that you watch while the simulation is playing). It contains menus for selecting the kind of simulation data your want to see. There are also buttons to start, pause and stop simulations and buttons to move around inside the SCM Globe application.

When you click on the simulation button in the edit screen, it will open a new tab in your browser and that is where the simulation screen will appear. It will draw your supply chain on a map in the simulation screen as shown below. There will be no data displays until the simulation starts to play. To play the simulation, click the “Play” button (1).

(click on screen image to see bigger picture)Simulation Screen

As the simulation plays out, the data displays will appear (2). Notice there are four tabs for different views of the simulation data.

Facility” shows numeric and graphic displays of data for the selected facility.

Vehicles” shows running tally of operating costs for each vehicle in the supply chain.

Product” shows running tally of on-hand product inventory at each facility in the supply chain.

Console” shows all of the simulation data.

A slider bar (3) lets you move up and down in a list of facilities in the supply chain.

At the top of the side bar are the same four navigation buttons (4) that exist on the Edit Screen sidebar.

When you play a simulation, it will run until a problem is encountered in your supply chain model. Then it will stop and show you where the point of failure occurred. To fix this problem you go back to the edit screen and make changes to the supply chain model.

To go back to the edit screen you just click the tab on your web browser for the edit screen (5) and you are back on the edit screen and ready to edit your supply chain model. After you edit a supply chain model and come back to the SIMULATION screen,  in place of the “Play” button will be a button labeled “Reload Supply Chain“. Click on this button to reload the supply chain model and the changes you made in the EDIT screen (you can also click on the browser refresh button to reload the supply chain). Once the supply chain is reloaded the “Play button will appear. Click play to start the simulation again.

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