1. MY ACCOUNT screen –>  2. EDIT screen –>  3. SIMULATION screen

Account Management screen for a new account:

A newly created account will have no supply chains or save states (see “Getting Started” video). Notice the account management screen is divided into two sections labeled “Supply Chains” and “Save States”.

Acct Scr1

Click on the “View Library” button (1) in the upper right corner of the screen to go to a  list of case studies in the SCM Globe library. Select a case study from the library by clicking the “Import” button next to it (2).  A box will open where you enter a name you will use for that case study in your account screen.

Then click the “My Account” button (3) to return to your account screen. The supply chain you selected from the library will appear in the supply chains section at the top of the screen.

Account Screen with Multiple Supply Chains & Save States:

(click on screen image for bigger picture)1-0 Acct Mgmt

SCM Globe navigation buttons (1) are always in upper right corner of all screens. “My Account” button brings you to this page. “View Library” button shows library of case studies you can import into your account. “Support Ticket” lets you submit a technical support email for answer within 24 hours.

Below the navigation buttons you see how much time is available on your account (2) and you can purchase more time if needed. Students can also subscribe to unique libraries of case studies created by individual professors (3) if those professors wish to create their own case studies.

Click on “New Supply Chain” (4) to start a new supply chain from a blank map.

“Supply Chains” Section

Shows a list of supply chains (5) in your account. Next to each supply chain are four buttons

  • Edit – opens the supply chain in the edit view so it can be worked on
  • Save – creates a new Save State of that supply chain
  • Download – download a copy of the Supply Chain to your computer (a .json file)
  • Delete – delete the Supply Chain

“Save States” Section

You can upload and download save states of a particular supply chain to and from your computer (6). You can attach the download save state file to an email and send it to others or you can upload a save state file you saved earlier or received from someone else.

This section of the account screen shows a list of Save States for different supply chains. Next to each save state are three buttons (7):

  • Restore – restores the save state back into the Supply Chain list
  • Download – download copy of Supply Chain model to your computer (a .json file)
  • Delete – delete the Save State from your account

When you download a supply chain model you can share it with other people using SCM Globe. Attach the downloaded model (.json file) to an email and send it to as many people as you want. When people get a download file, they can upload it to their SCM Globe account as a save state. Then they can restore that save state to their list of active supply chain models and edit it and run it in simulations.

See more about downloading and sharing supply chain models


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