If you are an instructor teaching supply chain management or logistics courses, use SCM Globe as a laboratory or “sandbox” where your students apply what they learn from readings and lectures to solve actual supply chain problems. Students see what works and what does not in highly realistic simulations. Included in the price of student subscriptions is the personalized online training support instructors need to come up to speed quickly and feel comfortable and confident using SCM Globe in their classes. See instructor testimonials here: Engaging Process for Teaching Supply Chains

If you are a supply chain planner, risk analyst, or consultant, use SCM Globe Pro to model and simulate the operation of your company or client’s actual supply chains. Use it for supply chain improvement, risk analysis, contingency planning and exploration of different supply chain options. Use simulations to improve your S&OP process and reconcile supply plans with demand plans. SCM Globe Pro includes an hour of online consultation to help you get started; purchase more hours as you need them. See example of actual client engagement here: Java Furniture Company – Indonesia

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Increase Student Engagement & Learning – As shown below, we provide a complete, ready-to-use package that will complement almost any supply chain or logistics course. SCM Globe simulations work well with any textbook or reading list. After a web demo, we provide 30 days of free access to instructors so they can explore further on their own.

Included in the price of academic student subscriptions is the following support material:

  • Instructor Manual with teaching tips; course syllabus examples for beginning and advanced courses using several popular supply chain textbooks (an excerpt can be downloaded from our home page)
  • Online Tutorials, Videos and FAQs to help students and instructors come up to speed quickly and learn how to accurately model and simulate any supply chain anywhere in the world (there is also a PDF of the user manual in Spanish)
  • Library of Case Studies and Study Guides for case studies of varying levels of difficulty providing step-by-step exploration of supply chain issues illustrated with screenshots and simulation data
  • Personalized Support for Instructors to learn SCM Globe quickly, and effectively integrate it into their courses.

Complete Package for SC Learning3

If you are using Essentials of Supply Chain Management or Supply Chain Management in the Retail Industry as a textbook in your course, there are presentation slides, lesson plans and quizzes to accompany those books.

Additional academic services include:

  • Onsite or extended online training for instructors
  • Development of unique case studies
  • Customized instructor manuals
  • Course syllabus creation and development of other educational material tailored for your curriculum


SCM Globe Pro is for business. Our consulting partners provide online or in person support for your supply chain planning and risk management projects. They help you explore ways to improve existing supply chain operations, and create new supply chains to support your business growth.

Business services include:

  • Modeling and simulating real supply chains (yours or a competitor’s)
  • Training business and supply chain analysts in modeling and simulation techniques
  • Collaborative planning and risk management projects where we serve as moderators and provide structure and guidance
  • Online hosting of geographically dispersed audiences participating in training exercises using SCM Globe
  • Online moderation and guidance for companies using SCM Globe in projects involving strategy formulation, supply chain improvement, business continuity, risk management, and S&OP activities.

Use SCM Globe for supply chain improvement and risk management projects. Model your company supply chain and run simulations to explore different options. See how to improve performance and identify likely points of failure and operating risk. Our consulting partners work with you to create contingency plans and new supply chain designs for use in the event of supply chain disruptions. Send copies of supply chain models and simulations to other people in your company so they can see for themselves how your recommendations will work.


 (click on diagram for larger image)

  • Use simulations to develop and reconcile your demand plans and supply plans.
  • See the mismatches between supply plans and demand plans — simulations provide the data you need to adjust the plans to fix those problems.
  • Supply chain models and simulations can easily be reviewed by a wide audience of people who can examine proposed supply chain plans and see for themselves what happens in the simulations.
  • It’s a great way to communicate your recommendations and get good feedback from a wide audience of people in operations, purchasing, sales, and finance.


In stable and predictable the environments a supply chain can focus mostly on efficiency and low cost.

But in volatile and uncertain environments supply chains must also focus on responsiveness and risk reduction.

Many supply chains these days operate in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environments. In such environments risk assessment and creation of appropriate supply chain contingency plans are an on-going process, not a one-time event. That on-going risk assessment and planning process is illustrated in the four steps below.

Risk Assess & Planning (click on diagram for larger image)

This process engages a cross-functional team because the best risk assessment and planning comes from teams who look at supply chains from different perspectives such as operations, procurement, sales, finance and technology. SCM Globe provides the common, easy to use platform for different people to participate in the creation and review of supply chain contingency plans. See the case study titled “Java Furniture Company – Indonesia” for an example of how this risk management process can work.


Advanced supply chain modeling, simulation, optimization, and risk assessment services are available through SCM Globe and our consulting partners. Learn how to use simulations to improve your S&OP process. Get SCM Globe academic and business pricing information here. Contact Michael Hugos at to schedule a 45 minute web demo to discuss your needs and see how SCM Globe might work for you.


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